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The Functional Assessment and Treatment for the Older Adult


Cost: $295.00 - 20 contact hours

Functional Assessment and Treatment for the Older Adult is designed for the rehabilitation specialist who has focused their career on treating the growing geriatric population. The goal of this course is to assist the therapist in using evidence to evaluate and treat functional deficits seen in older adults.

There are functional testing tools to allow for standardized diagnostic measures to implement into your evaluation. These testing tools provide information regarding the patient’s safety and level of function, and allow you to monitor the patient’s progress. There are various tools, each appropriate for one or multiple patient populations.

It is our hope that after completion of this course you will be able to appropriately evaluate the limitations in function of the older adult and design and implement the most beneficial treatments. You will also have information on the tools to monitor your patient’s progress by using functional and valid tools of measurement.

Telerehabilitation for Older Adults Toolbox

Donald Hayes, PT, DPT, GTCCS, GCS

Cost: $295.00 - 20 contact hours

This course is designed to empower clinicians with the knowledge to incorporate telerehabilitation into their regular practice to serve older adults better.

Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of how to apply telerehabilitation using current evidence to screen, examine, and treat older adults. Participants will also learn communication skills for older adults and ways to increase patient motivation to improve functional outcomes. In addition, the toolbox provides numerous treatment interventions and evidence-based examination tools to use with telerehabilitation.

The Prevention and Wellness Toolkit

Dr. Carole B. Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTCCS, MSG, MPA, PhD, FSOAE, FAPTA, CTR, TRC and Linda McAllister, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, CEEAA, CEAGN,

Cost: $295.00 - 20 contact hours

The Prevention and Wellness Toolkit provides the rehabilitation specialist with three valuable resources: a manual on how to conduct a prevention and wellness screening with follow-up exercise classes, a guide on individualized balance assessment and treatment, and a toolbox of tests, scales and measures for holistic evaluation of the older adult. This course is geared towards the rehabilitation specialist who understands the critical need for wellness interventions in the older adult population and wants to bring their skills to the next level for optimal prevention.

The purpose of the this course is to provide the clinician with the tools needed to go into a community setting, such as a senior center or assisted living facility, and confidently approach the administration with a well-developed plan for a community-based program. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to screen the older adult in critical domains of fitness, using an evidenced-based paradigm for screening, and will be able to interpret findings based on current normative data. This information may then be utilized to conduct follow-up group classes described in detail in the manual, complete with teaching scripts and handouts.

As fall prevention and optimal balance are key components of wellness in the older adult, this course provides the participant with functional balance tests along with detailed interpretations for each test item. Multiple treatment interventions are described in detail based on the specific deficits noted in functional tests. In addition, a toolbox of over twenty additional evidence-based tests is provided to allow the clinician to further assess each client as indicated in important areas such as self-efficacy, quality of life, and psychosocial domains.

After completion of the class, participants will be able to readily utilize efficient, comprehensive, evidence-based screening and testing methods, and implement both group and individualized interventions to promote wellness, a vital need in our growing older adult population.