Effective Manual Therapy to Treat Older Adults

What Works?

Dr. Dennis Welling, PT, MTC, DPT, FSOAE will provide an extensive review of the literature for issues commonly seen in older adults. This review will cover pathology encompassing the back, neck, shoulder, hip, ankle, foot, upper extremity, and knee. He will explain and demonstrate exercise protocols associated with manual therapy techniques. Dennis Welling, an experienced and dually certified manual therapist, will present an overview with demonstrations of the effects of manual therapy as supported by the most recent research. Additionally, he will present the common mistakes and suggestions for proper execution of this important modality. You will leave feeling competent in adding many different manual techniques to your current rehabilitation program.

What Participants Are Saying . . .

“The course information was very useful and applicable to my patient care.”
“I can incorporate what I learned immediately.”
“Excellent presentation!”
“Great interaction and detailed explanation!”
“Great teacher. Kept it interesting and energetic!”
“Dr. Welling was very patient and provided great feedback and tips.”

Upon completion of this seminar, participants
will be able to:

  1. Critique the skills needed to apply manual therapy techniques for the neck, back, hip, knee, foot, ankle, shoulder, and upper extremity by utilizing 50% of the course time to practice your skill set with oversight by your instructor.
  2. Demonstrate treatment techniques and how they can be modified for the older adult population.
  3. Describe hand/body placement and manual skills required for the delivery of mobilization/manipulation techniques.
  4. Explain the contraindications (RED FLAGS) and precautions for mobilization/manipulation for older adults.
  5. Progress manual therapy techniques for every part of the body.
  6. Document manual therapy techniques efficiently and effectively.
  7. Compare and contrast various manual techniques for lumbar stenosis, adhesive capsulitis, hip and knee osteoarthritis, and many more.

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7:30 AM – Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM – Introduction of Manipulation/Mobilization; Overview of evidence for effectiveness of manipulation/ mobilization; Indications and contraindication for Manual Therapy (Red Flags); Posture, Bautman (Journal of Rehab MED 2010) – Decreased Thoracic Kyphosis; Thoracic Extension Mobilization

9:00 AM – Neck – Kinematics of the Cervical Spine (Mosby 2002) Forbush (JOSPT 2011)/Cleland (PTJ 2010) – Soft tissue mobilization of Cervical and Upper Thoracic; Occipital Release; manual Cervical traction; Deep pressure upper thoracic trapezius; Demonstrate Longus Colli muscle strengthening

9:45 AM – Break

10:00 AM – Back – Kinematics of Thoracolumbar Spine (Mosby 2002); Systematic review and meta-analysis Jacobi (2021 APMR); Lumbar Stenosis Whitman (2006 Spine); Effectiveness of Manual Therapy Zaworski (EJPRM 2021); Prone P/A mobilization of the hip; prone P/A thoracic mobs; prone P/A Thoracic Transverse processes PAIVM (two finger technique); sidelying Lumbar rotation manipulation; supine hip inferior glide mobs; iliopsoas/rectus Femoris stretch; prone lumbosacral manual traction; prone lumbar rotation PIVM with rolling the legs; prone lumbar rotation PIVM with raising the pelvis (pillow assist); prone lumbar lateral flexion PIVM; sidelying lumbar spine soft tissue

12:00 PM – Working Lunch (on your own) – Lunch Assignment

1:00 PM – SI Joint – DonTigny (JORTHO 2005); DonTigny SI correction-45-degree Leg Pull; posterior mob–the pelvis direct method; SI self-correction mob; the easy fix

2:00 PM – Hip – Benell (PTJ 2011) Hoeksma (Arth&Rheum 2004) Beselga (Manual Therapy 2016); Hip long axis distraction with thrust; Hip lateral glide distraction with belt; Prone hip internal rotation mob; iliopsoas STM release; piriformis STM; MWM of hip IR and flexion with lateral glide with belt; Open to closed pack mob long axis distraction

3:15 PM – Break

3:30 PM – Knee – Deyle (Ann Int Med 2000, PTJ 2005, BMJ 2015, NEJM 2020); Knee extension with Valgus Small Amplitude (Grade IV) Mobs; Knee extension with Valgus Large Amplitude (Grade III) Mobs; Knee Extension with Varus Small Amplitude (Grade IV) Mobs; Knee Extension with Varus Large Amplitude (Grade III) Mobs; Knee Flexion with Internal Tibiofemoral Rotation (Grade IV); Small Amplitude (Grade IV) Knee Flexion with Wedge; Soft Tissue with Knee in Extension

5:00 PM – Case Studies and Problem Solving: Utilizing subjective and objective information provided for problem solving with an impairment-based evidence-based approach.

6:15 PM – Questions and Answers

6:30 PM – Adjourn



7:30 AM – Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM – Foot – Shamus (JOSPT 2007) Schuh (PTJ 2009) Cleland (JOSPT 2009); S/P Hallux Valgus Surgery Mobs of First MTP joint; Pronation of forefoot with Stabilized Calcaneus: Plantar Glide of Navicular on Talus/ Plantar Glide of Cuneiform on Navicular/Plantar Glide of First Metatarsal on Cuneiform; Plantar Heel Pain; Plantar Fascia and Flexor Hallucis longus tissue Mobilization; Rearfoot mobilization Lateral Glide; Rearfoot Distraction Manipulation; A/P of Talocrural joint; Distal Tibiofibular AA/P Mobs; Tibialis Posterior Stretch

10:00 AM – Break

10:15 AM – Shoulder – Jewel (PTJ 2009) Duenos (JOSPT 2019); Frozen Shoulder: Lateral GHJ Distraction with belt; Subscapularis STM; MWM in ER/IR with sustained A/P Glides; Inferior Glide Mobilization

Shoulder Pain – Bron (BMC 2011) Hines (J of Manip & Physiological Therapeutics 2010); Myofascial Trigger Point Release; Supraspinatus, Deltoid, Infraspinatus Muscles and Biceps Tendon

11:45 AM – Elbow – Bisset (BMJ 2006) Vincenzino (MT 2003) Kucuksen (APMR 2013); Lateral Epicondylitis; Sustained Lateral Glide with pain-free grip (SLGWPFG) for Elbow; SLGWPFG with treatment belt; Sustained Glide with Movement with Elbow Flexion; Sustained P/A Glide with Radiohumeral Joint with Pain-free Grip (SPAGWPFG); Muscle Energy Technique Supination/ Pronation of Forearm; McConnell Diamond Box Tape

12:45 PM – Working Lunch (on your own) – Group Discussion & Lunch Assignment

1:45 PM – Wrist – De Las Penas (PT 2020, EUR J Pain 2017, JP 2019); Carpal Tunnel Mobs: Longitudinal Stroke over Biceps Muscle; Transversal Stroke over Bicipital Aponeurosis; Dynamic Stroke of Pronator Teres Muscle; Stretching Transverse Carpal Ligament; Manual Compression of Lumbrical Muscles; Stretching of Palmar Aponeurosis; Median and Radial Nerve Glides

2:45 PM – Hand – Villafane (DIS and Rehab 2015, JOS 2013) Fields (J of Bodyworks 2007) OA Hand: Dorsal/Volar Glide with Distraction of First CMC Joint; STM for Upper Extremity for Hand OA

3:45 PM – Break

4:00 PM – Case Studies and Demonstration; Post Test

6:00 PM – Conclusion – Putting It All Together

6:30 PM – Adjourn

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Dr. Dennis Welling, PT, MTC, DPT, FSOAE