Dennis Welling, PT, MTC, DPT, FSOAE

Dennis Welling, in health care since 1987, received his undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy from Tennessee State University in 1998 and his Doctorate Degree in Manual Physical Therapy from the Ola Grimsby Institute, San Diego, California in 2003. He excels in the areas of Manual Therapy, Vestibular Rehab, Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery, Dry Needling, Custom Fitted Orthotics and evaluations, and Functional Standards Optimal Aging Expert (FSOAE). As a manual therapist, with a specialty in Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, and SI Spine pain and dysfunction, Dr. Welling has practiced over 23-years. He was the author and educator of Silver Steps Balance Program, Knee and Hip Orthopedic Protocol and Programs; and the co-author of Parkinson Paradigm. Dr. Welling was the co-developer and co-producer of; and founded Wellcor Therapies Consultants. To fulfill his passion for academia, he served as the Orthopedic Associate Professor at Tennessee State University for many years. Dr. Welling served as the Rehab Director of the Southeast Region for a home care company before joining an Outpatient Therapy Clinic where he champions their Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Program and specializes in Orthopedic Dysfunction. His contributions are as an educator, therapist, and resource for the medical community to enhance understanding of anatomy, physical therapy issues, techniques, injuries, and resolves. Dr. Welling believes there is no greater reward than to watch a Therapist succeed, knowing that, in some small way, he has been able to contribute to the growth and increased level of expertise of the next exceptional therapist.