2020, 670 pages. Thirteen years of practical & clinical articles covering orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, pain, pharmacology, documentation, marketing, legal, reimbursement, frailty & managed care. Excellent book to study for the specialty exam.

New Beginnings Bring Functional Ideas 2005
Focus on Function: Physical Performance Test 2005
Focus on Function: Multi-Directional Reach 2005
Focus on Function: It’s Our Sixth Sense 2005
Considering Use of the 6 Minute Walk Test 2005
Benefits of the Four-Square Step Test (FSST) 2005
Benefits of the 2-Minute Walk Test 2005
For Good Measure: Using Berg Balance Scale 2005
The Berg Balance Scale: Treatment Ideas 2005
Performance-Oriented Mobility Assessment 2005
Treatment Ideas for the Tinetti POMA 2005
Modified Gait Abnormality Rating Scale 2005
Treatment Strategies for the GARS-M 2006
One-Legged (Single Limb) Stance Test 2006
The Role of Self-Efficacy in Geriatric Rehab 2006
Treatment Ideas to Combat Self-Efficacy 2006
The Medical Outcomes Study, In Short Form 2006
Choosing Functional Activities for Patients 2006
Has Your ‘Up and Go’ Up and Left 2006
Treatments for Gait: A TUG ‘Boot Camp’ 2006
The (Original) Barthel Index of ADLs 2006
Barthel Index: The Granddad of Functional Tools 2006
Direction for Function: Making it Worthwhile 2006
A Thousand Screaming Monkeys 2006
Effectiveness of the Wisconsin Gait Scale 2007
On Balance: Using the Wisconsin Gait Scale 2007
The Fugl-Meyer Assessment After Stroke 2007
When Using the Fugl, Don’t Be So Frugal 2007
Stroke Specific Quality of Life Scale (SSQOL) 2007
Treating Quality of Life: As Good As it Gets 2007
Motor Assessment for Patients With Stroke 2007
Motor Assessment Scale: A Designer Original 2007
Questionnaire Rising and Sitting Down 2007
Have a Seat? What is There to Treat 2007
Rivermead Activity of Daily Living Scale 2007
It Takes a Village to Save a Grandma 2007
A New Year – and Some New Ideas 2008
An Examination of the WOMAC Index 2008
Education or Disbelief: Beyond the WOMAC 2008
The Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Scale (RAPS) 2008
The Evidence for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis 2008
A Closer Look at Using the LEFS 2008
Evidence for Scoring Higher on the LEFS 2008
Evaluating UE Disability with the DASH 2008
Grasping Life with the Greatest Grip 2008
Measuring Back Pain: Using the ODI 2008
The Back is the Future: Lumbar Stenosis 2008
Enter Our Imagination for the Holidays 2008
New Year’s Resolutions: Make Happy Ones 2009
The Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale 2009
Parkinson’s Disease: The First Step is Evidence 2009
Assessing PD’s Impact on Quality of Life 2009
Ready for Functionally Driven Care? 2009
Picture This for Treating Parkinson’s 2009
A Post-Stroke Assessment: The Frenchay Activities Index 2009
Biomechanical Models for Stroke Rehab 2009
Predicting Future Function with the NIHSS 2009
And the Innovation Winner is… 2009
Forgetfulness, or Dementia? Use the MoCA 2009
Tale of Two Cities 2009
Resolve to be Better in 2010 2010
Clinical Prediction Rules, Treatment Strategies for CTS 2010
Offset Tunnel Vision (and Pain) by Using the CTS Scale 2010
How Bad is Your Back? 2010
Back at You: Treatment Myths and Evidence 2010
Measuring Pain with the Foot Function Index 2010
Using Solid Evidence to Treat the Feet 2010
Osteoporosis: It Can Happen to You 2010
Osteoporosis: When it Happens to You 2010
Thanks at the Holidays: Our Gratitude List 2010
PT’s Future: It’s a Wonderful Life 2010
Set Some New Year’s Resolutions 2011
Using the KOOS for Osteoarthritis Outcomes 2011
Knee OA Rehab: Do We Make a Difference? 2011
Judging the Benefits of the Oxford Hip Score 2011
Be a Hipster and Get Good Results 2011
Measuring Lower Limb Prosthesis Use 2011
Have It in You? Self-Efficacy for Exercise 2011
Assessing Self-Efficacy Is a Must for Outcomes 2011
Presenting Deconditioning in Older Adults 2011
Thanksgiving 2011: A Lot To Be Thankful For 2011
Happy Holidays: Future Gifts to Consider 2011
Use It or Lose It – How to Treat Deconditioning 2012
Simple to Complex: The Lawton IADL Scale 2012
Treating for Balance: It Must be Functional! 2012
Defending Care for Patients with Dementia 2012
Using the Revised Fibromyalgia Questionnaire 2012
Finding Fitness Option for Fibromyalgia 2012
Sitting Balance Scale: A Review 2012
Help Your Patients Improve Sitting Balance` 2012
Anticipating the Release of New NIH Toolbox 2012
The “G” in G-Code Stands for Good! 2013

Walking in Your Patients’ Shoes 2013
PTs and Data: We are Not Optometrists 2013
The Need for Speed: Monitoring Gait 2013
Move It or Lose It: A Look at the MEMS 2013
Training Turtles: The Race to Success 2013
Using Function to Improve Function 2013
The AM-PAC: A Helpful Functional Measure 2013
Treating “Difficult” MS Patient – Part 1 2013
Create Your Future: The Time is Now! 2013
Treating “Difficult” MS Patient – Part 2 2014
Do the Right Thing 2014
Geriatric PTs: The Future is Bright! 2014
What’s New with Knees? 2014
The Best Time to be a PT 2014
News for Knees 2014
A Simpler Test for Aerobic Fitness 2014
Be It Resolved 2014
Hip Fractures: What Can We Do Better? 2015
Geriatric Assessment with a Hip Focus 2015
Living Longer by Sitting and Rising 2015
Are We Functional Performance Experts? 2015
If Patients Do This, They Can Weight-Bear 2015
Dementia Evals: Daunting or Defining? 2015
Physical Activity for Alzheimer’s Disease 2015
A Better Tool to Screen for Falls? 2015
Cutting Injurious Falls By Half 2015
The Gift of Procedural Knowledge 2015
Measuring Arthritic Hand Function 2016
Improving Function of the Arthritic Hand 2016
Measuring Strength in Older Adults 2016
Celebrate with Certification 2016
Identifying Frailty in Older Adults 2016
Frailty: Thy Name is Human 2016
Evidence-based Gait Assessment 2016
Enough is Enough 2017
Our Future Selves, Unprecedented Opportunities 2017
Reach Out! 2017
Toileting: Crucial to Independence 2017
Functional Standards for Optimal Aging 2017
Caring for the Core 2018
Toileting: The Treatment Piece 2018
Examinations for Parkinson’s Disease: Do We Have It Backwards? 2018
Core Values: Measurement in Older Adults 2019
Getting to the Core 2019
Bed Mobility: More than Min, Mod, or Max Assist 2019
Bed Mobility: Interventions Take Skill! 2019
Sit up and Take Notice: Measurement Tools for Sitting 2019

Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy Inaugural Carole B. Lewis Lecture 2019
Award Address to the Membership January 24, 2019
Sit up and Take Notice: Take Control of Sitting 2020
Take a Stand! Measurement Tools for Chair Rise 2020
Stand Up For Yourself 2020
Mitigating Frailty: Opportunities Ahead 2020
Putting Pen to Paper Should Be Paid 2020
Balancing Our Measures 2021
Achieving Balance at Every Level 2021

Treating Hip Fracture and Hip Replacement: A Look at the Literature 2000
How to Take Proper Care of Your Musculoskeletal System 1999
Update on Geriatric Strength Training 1999
Update in Geriatrics Part I: Orthopedics 1998
Closed Kinetic Chain Strengthening 1998
Assessing Strength in the Elderly 1998
Providing Strength Training for the Aged 1998
Modifying Hip Extensor Testing for Elderly 1998
PT Warns Against Flexion Exercises 1997
Using ‘Norms’ to Assess Flexibility in Elderly Patients 1997
Protocol Offered for Treating the Sequelae of Osteoporosis 1997
Stretching Techniques for Elderly Patients 1997
Use of Manual Techniques for the Elderly Patient 1997
Knee Osteoarthritis and Physician Education 1997
Developing and Using a Lumbar Stenosis Protocol 1996
Fair Weather Injuries Often Involve Upper Extremities 1996
Mobilization in the Elderly 1996
Total Hip Replacement Consensus Summary 1994
Osteoarthritis of the Knee 1994
Total Hip Replacements 1994
Geriatric Orthopaedic Physical Therapy in a Private Practice 1994
Soft Tissue Mobilization and Gait: Problems of the Aged 1994
Postural Changes with Age and Soft Tissue Treatment 1993
Neck Pain in the Geriatric Setting 1993
Neck Pain and the Elderly 1992
Experts Urge Exercise for Osteoarthritis 1991
Effects of Three Exercise Protocols on Strength of Persons
With Osteoarthritis of the Knee 1989
Musculoskeletal Changes with Age 1984

Update in Geriatrics Part 2: Neurology 1999
Using Strength Training as Treatment Post Stroke 1998
Addressing Function: Advanced Dementia of the Alzheimer Type 1997
Working with Dementia and Depression in Rehabilitation 1997
Assessing Dynamic Balance Problems in the Elderly 1996
Treating Static Balance Problems 1996
Treatment of People with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s 1995
Self-Balance Hints for Older Persons 1995
Balance, Gait Test Proves Simple Yet Useful 1993
Dysmobility and the Elderly Patient 1988

Effects of Aging on the Cardiovascular System 1984

Involving Patients When Treating Pain 1997
Assessing Pain in Elderly 1997
Treating Pain in the Elderly 1994
Minimize Pain and Weakness in Your Geriatric Patients with Physical Therapy 1994
Pain in the Elderly 1991
Minimize Pain and Weakness with Physical Therapy 1990
Pilot Study for Back Pain Classes in the Elderly Community 1980

Therapy, Rather Than NSAIDS, is Preferred for Elderly Patients 1993
Drugs and the Elderly Patient 1992

To Screen or Not to Screen: That is the Question 2000
Caring for an Aging Population 1997
The Doorknob Phenomenon: How to Use it in Patient Care 1996
How the Myths of Aging Impact Rehabilitative Care for the Older Person 1993
Alternative Models for Looking at Problems in the Elderly 1992
Wheelchair Use for the Older Patient 1992
Coping with the Care of the Elderly 1992
Geriatric Treatment Transfers to Younger Patients 1992
Long-Term Care Currents 1985
Modifying Treatment Programs for the Elderly 1985
What’s So Different About Rehabilitating the Older Person? 1984

Assessing Patients’ Level of Self-Efficacy 1997
Defining ‘Frailty’ in Therapy 1996
Defining and Assessing the Frail Patient Population 1996
Improving Mobility and Function for Frail Elderly 1995
Risk of Falls in Older Persons Reduced with Physical Therapy 1994

Fear of Falling: Ptophobia 1999
Recognize the Power of Positive Feedback 1999
Why Laughter Should be Included in Rehabilitation 1996
Motivation for Older Patients 1991
Rehabilitation of the Older Person: A Psychosocial Focus 1984

Standard Tools for Predicting Falls 1998
Visual Scales for Elderly Effective 1997
Functional Outcomes Tools 1997
Functional Assessment in the Psychosocial Realm 1996
Appendix: Tools for Measuring Parameters or Dimensions in the Psychosocial Realm 1996
Are Occupational Therapists Still the Functional Experts? 1995
Treating in the 90’s 1995
Clinical Measures to Test Vastus Medialis Strength 1995
Is Unevaluated Therapy Worth Giving? 1994
Physical Therapists Must Become Functional Experts 1994
The Functional Tool Box: Standard Functional Outcomes 1994
Choosing Right Functional Tools for Tracking Outcomes 1993
Outcome Measures Beneficial to Proving Efficacy 1993
The Norton Scale: Screening Tool for Pressure Sores 1992
PTs of the ‘90s Must Utilize Array of Functional Measures 1992
Pressure Sore Status Tool 1992
Physicians’ Complaints About PTs Show Need for Continuing Education 1992
Functional Gain Now is Necessary for Reimbursement 1992
Therapists Should Help in Evaluating Restraints 1991
How to Handle Upcoming Guidelines 1990
Problems of Functional Measures 1989
Quantification of Functional Capacity in the Elderly – a Modified Industrial Approach 1989

Seeing Patients Under Limited Visit Restrictions
Managed Care Case Management: Its Role in Physical Therapy Rehabilitation 1995
Capitation Can Be a PT Opportunity 1994
PTs Must Watch Health Care Evolution 1993
Employers Increasing Focus on Quality, Cost-Effectiveness 1993
Strength Training: Will Medicare Pay for it? 1993
Medical Care for the Elderly: A Counterview 1991
Tangled Web of Managed Health Care Deciphered by Independent PT Network 1989

The Functional Toolbox is a Complete Resource for Functional Outcome Measures 1997
Write to Survive: Documentation 1996
The Use of Jargon 1996
Health-Care Reform to Place Emphasis on Documentation 1993
The Documentation of Geriatric Physical Therapy in a Private Practice Setting 1993
Clinicians Write ‘Doing Well’ While Patient is Deteriorating 1990
Quality Documentation Reduces Insurance Claims Denials 1990
The Importance of Improving Documentation 1988

A Second Chance on Medicare Caps 2000
Payers Cite NEJM Study as Cause for Denial 1999
MDS: Is There a Way to Make It Reliable and Valid? 1998
On the Seventh Day, We Rested 1998
Develop Road Maps to Be Time Efficient in the Clinic 1998
PTs Have What It Takes to Prepare for Prospective Payment 1998
Cheap is Expensive 1991
Geriatric Specialists Urge Uniform Reimbursement Guide 1991
Making Money on Medicare 1990
Physicians Seen More Inclined to PT Intervention 1990
Elderly Should Fight for Reimbursement 1989
Want to Get Paid? Write Right 1989

Physical Therapy: We’re Just So Ho-Hum 2006
Spotlight on Dr. Carole Lewis 1999
Meaningful Volunteering 1999
Physical Fitness: How to Help Older Patients Live Stronger and Longer 1998
Physical Fitness: Benefits of Exercise for the Older Patient 1998
Physical Fitness: Exercise Prescription for Older Adults 1998
Providing First-Class Care for Economy-Class Prices 1998
Ensuring Efficacy in Continuing Education 1998
Professional Approaches for Marketing Physical Therapy 1991
Marketing Geriatric Programs 1986

A New Role for PTs: The Gamesperson 1999
Unearned Privilege and A Day at the Races 1999
Quality Care in the Nursing Home 1994
PTs Struggle Against Burnout While Working with the Elderly 1993
Definition of ‘Skilled Physical Therapy’ 1990
Competitiveness & Total Quality Management for the Health Care Industry 1993
Private Practice: Is it for You? 1988
Treating the Well Elderly in a Private Practice Setting 1984

Think Like a Lawyer: Tips for PTs Who Testify in Court 1996
The Right to Choose & Refuse 1993
Testimony – Aging for Health Care & Policy Research 1992
New Insurance Prejudice Raises Industry-Wide Concern 1991
Fox vs. Bowen: A Landmark Decision for Physical Therapy in Geriatrics 1987

What ‘Kokua’ Means to PTs – Ethnogeriatrics in Rehab 1996
Relating to Therapists from Canada, Great Britain, and Japan 1995
Physical Therapist’s Guide to Hosting International Visitors 1995
PTs Find New Ideas During Tour of China 1992
Finland’s Health System: Caring but Costly 1989
Physical Therapy in Finland: A Glimpse of the Past – A View of the Future 1989
Visit to Japan Changes PT’s Popular Perceptions 1989