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Clinical Implications of Pharmacology for Therapists Working with Older Adults


Seminar Description:

Have you ever wanted to be better prepared to deal with the effects of medications on your patients? Medications have both positive and negative effects on a patient’s ability to function. Therapists need to be able to effectively evaluate and treat patients whether their medications are assisting or interfering with the patient’s ADL’s and IADL’s. The purpose of this seminar is to provide participants with the information required to incorporate pharmacology and medication management into practice with the geriatric patient. The seminar format will be lecture based with small group discussion and case scenarios related to medication management and pharmacology. Participants will learn to effectively treat patients experiencing polypharmacy. Participants will learn techniques to help monitor patients for intended effects, untoward effects, side effects and to assist physicians and nurses with safe medication use and medication adherence. Evidence-based resources will be provided to assist the participant with safe medication use. The course manual is a fabulous resource for daily practice.

Course Objectives

  1. Evaluate patients with polypharmacy.
  2. Treat patients with polypharmacy.
  3. Define and explain pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, polypharmacy, medication errors, and adverse drug events.
  4. Explain how to use the Beers List to identify potentially inappropriate drug use in the elderly population.
  5. List the commonly prescribed medications (prescription and OTC), their indications and side effects.
  6. Explain medication adherence and how it relates to adverse drug events and health outcomes.
  7. Identify adverse drug reactions, side effects, and intended effects of the medications geriatric patients take.
  8. List the steps involved in performing medication reconciliation.
  9. Explain where to nd the regulations pertaining to scope of practice.

Your Instructor

Dr. Ken Miller


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