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Taking Balance to the Limits

Do you feel at times that you have designed and delivered the best gait and balance program and yet your patients still have some problems with their balance?

This course goes beyond all you have learned about the effects of speed, strength and range of motion limitations as causes for balance dysfunction. You will leave with an in depth knowledge and skill in the postural dyscontrol, somatosensation and vestibular arenas. The instructor has taught and treated extensively in this area with astounding results with her patients and clinicians. Her skills in this area are unparralled. Take home innovative useable evaluation and treatment techniques that will dramatically change your practice. You and your patients deserve to receive this cutting edge information.

What Participants Are Saying . . .

“This course was fantastic! Fun, helpful, thorough. Janene knows her stuff. I will use this info tomorrow at work. This elevates us as clinicians.”

“Ms. Barber was the best instructor I have had in all of my CEU classes.”

“Janene Barber is simply awesome!”

“Great, dynamic speaker.”

“Janene was great. Made the information easy to understand.”

  1. Analyze the impact of falls on the senior population and identify the primary causes.
  2. Recognize the peripheral and central vestibular system function and anatomical structures.
  3. Thoroughly evaluate the Vestibulo/Ocular system and how it affects elderly with balance dysfunctions.
  4. Identify causes of central and peripheral dizziness, recognize the different mechanisms of recovery and how to impact them with therapeutic intervention
  5. Perform treatment interventions based on an understanding of BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) for the geriatric population.
  6. Demonstrate a comprehensive evaluation and treatment approach for postural control by understanding sensory and motor integration.
  7. Create innovative treatment strategies that will effectively address postural control issues in the geriatric patient.
  8. Compare functional tools for gait and balance disorders to achieve the desired outcomes.
  9. Perform evaluations on patients with compromised somatosensory systems and apply appropriate treatment strategies with Anodyne Therapy and sensory integration training.
  10. Plan an effective rehabilitation program, set measurable goals and use appropriate documentation for patients with balance impairments.

Educational Credit: A certificate of attendance for 20 contact hours of educational activity (20 CEUs or 2.0 CEUs depending on how your practice act determines CEUs in your state) will be awarded to registrants upon completion of the seminar. Great Seminars and Books is an approved CE provider for PTs and PTAs in DC, NY, KY, IL, TX and NC. Approved in MD, CA, NJ, LA, OK, and AR for 20 Clinical Contact Hours. This course is approved in for PTs/PTAs in New Jersey for 20 contact hours. Approval #2003-044.  This course is approved by the Florida PT Association for 24 continuing education hours. Our courses also meet the guidelines for approval in KS, SD, PA, AL, IN, WY, VA, AZ, DE, NH, OR, RI, UT, GA and MO. Courses are accepted for CEUs in NE, ID, MT, WA, CT, IA, and ND. If you do not see your state listed, please give our office a call. GREAT Seminars is an American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Approved Provider of continuing education. Provider #5363. This course is not approved by ASHA or Board of Certification (BOC). Your tuition is tax deductible. Any reference to or mention of state rules or regulations concerning continuing education requirements are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of print. If you have questions, please contact your board or regulating body.

Day 1 

7:30-8:00 – Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:00-8:45- Introduction: Impact of Balance Impairments on the Elderly Population and Identifying the Major Factors

8:45-10:15- Anatomy of the Peripheral and Central Vestibular System

  • Labyrinth
  • Central Connections
  • Oculomotor System (Central/Peripheral)

10:15-10:30 – Break

10:30-12:30 – Screening of the Vestibulo/Ocular System

  • Peripheral/Central
  • Testing Lab

12:30-1:30 – Working Lunch (on your own) Case Studies, Group Discussion

1:30-3:00 – BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

  • How to Evaluate
  • Treatment Techniques

3:00-4:30 – BPPV Lab

  • Learn Alternative Treatment Positions Designed for the Elderly

4:30-4:45 – Break

4:45-6:00 – Common Causes of Peripheral and Central Dizziness

  • Functional Diagnosis of Dizziness

6:00-6:30 – Questions and Answers



Day 2 

7:30-8:00 – Continental Breakfast

8:00-8:30- Testing of Oculomotor/BPPV/ Causes of dizziness strategies

8:30-10:30 – Vestibular Treatment Strategies:

  • Gaze Stabilization Progression Lab • Habituation
  • Compensation

10:30-10:45 – Break 

10:45-11:45 – Vestibular Treatment Strategies Cont.

  • Drug Treatment of Vertigo
  • Case Studies for Vestibular Rehab

11:45-12:30 – Organization of Postural Control

  • Three Sensory Systems
  • Motor Components

12:30-1:30 – Working Lunch (on your own) Case Studies, Group Discussion

1:30-2:15 – Understanding Postural Control and Factors to Consider with Assessment

  • Strategies Presently Using
  • Causes and Strategies to Address Inappropriate Strategies

2:15-3:30 – Postural Control: Learning Testing Tools and Creative Treatment Strategies

  • mCTSIB – USLS – Theraband DGI – Functional Reach
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Home Assessment Lab for Functional Tools

3:30-4:15 – Break

4:15-4:30 – Documentation of Balance Disorders

4:30-5:30 – Developing & Progressing Treatment Strategies for Balance Impairments

  • Group Case Study
  • Individual Case Study

5:30-6:00 – Documentation of Balance Disorders

6:00-6:30 – Questions and Answers 

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Your Instructor

Janene Barber, PT, GTC