Linda McAllister, PT, DPT, GCS, GTCCS, CEEAA, CEAGN, FSOAE has a passion for excellence in treating the older adult population. Dr. McAllister completed a Bachelor of Arts from North Park University, Bachelor of Science in physical therapy in from Northwestern University, and a Doctorate in physical therapy from Arcadia University. A board-certified geriatric specialist, she has worked exclusively with older adults since 2001.

Dr. McAllister has experience in skilled nursing, home health and outpatient practice and currently practices with EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, WA. Prior to 2001, she worked in rehab and acute care and practiced for 2 years in a remote hospital in the republic of Congo. Dr. McAllister has lectured nationally with GREAT Seminars since 2015 and is an adjunct faculty member of Arcadia University’s transitional DPT program, teaching content in Geriatric Physical Therapy.  She has been the principle investigator in clinical research studying sit-to-stand testing using the upper extremities in the older adult. She serves as coordinator of the Geriatric Trained & Certified Clinical Specialist for GREAT Seminars.

Linda McAllister is an accomplished therapist who while working clinically has conducted research, consulted and published articles in geriatrics. Dr. McAllister has several certifications in geriatrics: GCS, GTCCS, CEEAA, CEAGN. She has a passion for best practice in the older adult population. In 2017,  Dr. McAllister won the Outstanding Faculty Award from The Geriatric Rehabilitation Education Institute. Dr. McAllister is an advocate for evidence-based interventions and is an engaging presenter.