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Rehabilitation for Older Adults with Dementia:

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$495 – 20 contact hours

Seminar Description:

Do Older Adults with Dementia benefit from rehabilitation? Historically, individuals with dementia were excluded from exercise and rehabilitation efforts with the assumption that they would not be able to participate. We know so much more now about working with individuals with dementia! Given the aging baby boomers (the “Silver Tsunami”) and the incidence and prevalence of dementia in those over age 65, physical and occupational therapists in almost all practice arenas must be prepared to face the challenges of working with individuals with dementia. If we simply approach these patients as we do their cognitively intact peers, we are not likely to be successful. We must integrate and exploit what we know about the pathophysiology and motor, sensory, & behavioral implications of dementia. With an understanding of the physiological neuroprotective impact of exercise, the intricacies of motor learning in those with dementia, and developing therapeutic relationships within this special population, PTs will be better equipped to facilitate optimal outcomes. This course is designed to bring salient, practical, and evidence-based information to the practicing clinician to enhance the efficacy of physical and occupational therapy interventions for individuals with dementia. The course is a mix of lecture and interactive activities, with application of content to patient cases and group discussions related to clinical questions. The vast majority of individuals with dementia can benefit from activity-based exercise programs and rehabilitation if we design and carry out the interventions appropriately. This course provides the necessary content, strategies, and clinical reasoning practice to allow PTs to do just that.

Course Objectives

  • Differentiate types of dementia and compare and contrast clinical presentation, signs and symptoms, pathology, medical management, and clinical implications.
  • Recognize acute reversible disorders that can masquerade as dementia, including delirium, depression, and normal pressure hydrocephalus, and discuss the management of these pathologies.
  • Facilitate optimal interactions with individuals with dementia via modi cation of the environment, communication strategies, and the therapeutic relationship.
  • Develop a repertoire of strategies to facilitate comprehensive examination (patient history, review of systems, tests & measures) of individuals with different levels of dementia.
  • Integrate evidence related to the cognitive protective bene ts of exercise and utilize this evidence to design and justify interventions for all older adults (with or without cognitive impairment).
  • Discuss the inter-relatedness of cognition and gait and the implications for all older adults (with or without cognitive impairment).
  • Describe movement disorders associated with dementia and potential strategies to impact them.
  • Describe important motor learning principles for individuals with dementia and discuss the theoretical and practical implications.
  • Review the existing evidence related to exercise and/ or rehabilitation with individuals with dementia and evaluate the relevance of this literature in the context of your own clinical practice.
  • Justify and implement critical characteristics of successful exercise interventions to develop creative and effective treatment programs for persons with dementia of all stages and in all settings.
  • Select and utilize appropriate outcome measures,
    with attention toward available evidence for minimal detectable change scores, and effective documentation strategies for successful reimbursement.
  • Consider and integrate caregiver needs in management of individuals with dementia.

Your Instructor

Julie Ries


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