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What our participants are saying

"These tests look simple, but doing them accurately is a different matter. It was great to learn how to correctly perform each test and translate the results to exercises."

"Using this information will help rejuvenate your PT practice with older adults!"

A Letter From Dr. Lewis

Get certified to use the evaluation/ screening tool that will revolutionize the physical and occupational therapy professions!

Become an expert in an innovative, comprehensive assessment tool for aging adults. I developed the AFIT to identify problematic areas or deficits and address physical functional limitations. Kele Murdin and I co-developed this certification course. Be a FSOAE, become a change-maker in the rehab field.

Improve functional fitness for adults age 50 and older, gain new patients, and become an expert in functional evaluation, treatment, and standards for optimal aging, this is the course for you.

Have you ever people-watched and seen posture so stooped that they can’t pull their head back? Do you wonder, “Does she know that her posture could led to fractures and falls?” Poor posture can make everyday life difficult - dressing, bathing, getting out of bed, falls and so much more – but posture is only one of the 5 key areas of aging well.

Posture. Endurance. Strength. Flexibility. Balance... All of these are equally important to the functional success of your clients and their ability to age well.

I have been a physical therapist for decades, and I love working with older clients. But I realized that a lot of the evaluations don’t provide vital information, are limited to one area of the body, take too long to complete, and are often not comprehensive – which is why we only stick to doing one or two in a session.

That’s why I created the AFIT, an evidenced-based tool for use as a screen in a community education setting and as a comprehensive functional evaluation that will be submitted to 3rd party payers and serve as the basis for interventions.

Kele Murdin and I co-developed this FSOAE training to certify therapists in the use of the AFIT and how to prescribe appropriate exercise programs that your clients will actually want to do.

We as rehabilitation professionals have to show the world what we can do to help people age successfully. We’re the exercise experts, and if we don’t start owning that expertise and knowing our responsibility, we’re going to lose all credibility in our careers.

Join Kele in this training and learn how to transform your practice! Let’s get started!

Your Partner in Rehab,

Dr. Carole Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, MPA, MSG, PhD, FSOAE, FAPTA

Meet Your Instructor

J Kele Murdin PT, GCS, GTC, CEEAA, FSOAE is a leading rehabilitation expert in geriatric care

Kele co-developed this certification course with Dr. Carole Lewis and Dr. Molly Laflin. She is an outstanding presenter and has an amazing knack for providing feedback in gentle but effective ways that result in tremendous skill improvements.

J. Kele Murdin PT, GCS, GTC, CEEAA, FSOAE received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Wichita State University in 2000. Initially she worked in an Outpatient setting and completed the Level II exam for NAOMPT.

Kele transitioned to the Skilled Nursing setting in 2003, and now serves as the Director of Rehab at Life Care Centers of Kirkland. Her passion for Geriatrics and excellent patient care fueled her to pursue a Geriatric Certified Specialization (GCS) in 2009 from the APTA, then a Certification as an Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA) in 2013 from the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy, a Geriatric Training Certification (GTC) from Great Seminars in 2016, and a Functional Standards for Optimal Aging Expert (FSOAE) certification in 2017.

She has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Puget Sound’s DPT program in Physical Agents, Basic Skills, and Adult Systemic Diseases. She is the State Advocate for the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy in the State of Washington, and will soon be the founder of a Geriatric SIG of the Washington Chapter. Her passion for her profession is mirrored by a passion for cycling (Olympian level), laughter, and her family.

A note from Kele Murdin:

We need to be the trailblazers who push for comprehensive, evidence based evaluations and interventions so that 5-10 years from now people say, "It’s time for my annual fitness evaluation." Instead of “Why didn’t someone tell me that my ankles had gotten stiff and could cause me to fall?”

As Functional Standard for Optimal Aging Experts, you can lead the way.

What our participants are saying

"Everything in this course is very relevant to our practice!"

"Highly recommend it. The potential this tool could provide in terms of referrals is big!"

Want to learn more?

$994.00 value

Limited Time Offer – $595.00

Earn 20 contact hrs of CE Credits – Included in the Price

Why is the AFIT better than others?

If you only did one standard test, then you wouldn't pick up a multi-faceted reason why people can't function properly.

A great example is falls. If you only do a one-legged stand, you won’t get any sense of the person's gait speed, ability to accelerate and decelerate, or turn. The patient may look great walking, but if you just use one test, the sit stand test for example, then you don't know what happens when the patient moves his/her head.

If you use multiple quick tests, then you've really gotten the full picture.

The AFIT is a fantastic, multi-faceted tool to use with older adults to help you optimize their functional fitness levels. The tools in this course will assist you in developing a program to assist the client in achieving optimal fitness, strategies to combat resistance, and techniques to increase motivation while creating great relationships with clients.

This 20 Contact Hour Course Includes

Assessments and interventions that can be used in the clinic immediately to treat common deficits

Keys to motivating patients

Hands on practice and feedback using the AFIT and prescribing interventions

The AFIT forms, Instructions, and Implications handouts

Introduction to the Level 2 AFIT for lower level patients

Patient exercise handouts (with pictures and step by step instructions)

Community marketing flyer, Physician marketing flyer, and PowerPoint presentations to physicians and to community groups

Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to use the designation FSOAE and their contact information will be included on the FSOAE Age-Optimally website.

What our participants are saying

"The AFIT can be used as a screen or as an initial evaluation to better inform intervention selections and guide treatment. The marketing materials are excellent!"

"Important for anyone (which is everyone) who works with a geriatric patient population!"

Want to learn more?

$994.00 value

Limited Time Offer – $595.00

Earn 20 contact hrs of CE Credits – Included in the Price

What Will This Course Give Me?

No other course provides such an extensive piece on motivation! Get the latest motivation strategies!!!

Stop practicing in the 1990’s! Get the most current, evidence based measures. All AFIT measures are research-based and provide predictive analytics.

In this certification course, you will apply what you learn to actual cases.

Not only do you get practical information, but incredible marketing tools you can use to educate the community and physicians.

How the FSOAE Course Gives You Pivotal Information

Discover why Dr. Carole Lewis developed the The AFIT. You’ll learn how the 5 functional areas are key to optimal fitness in clients and see how The AFIT will irrevocably change your career as a rehab professional

Solutions for Any Setting

Dive into case studies that show you step-by-step how to implement The AFIT and provide appropriate patient handouts.

Hands-on Practice

The hands-on practice with feedback is invaluable! Learn how to implement The AFIT with different types of clients. Help your patients performs exercises accurately. Learn techniques that help you create a therapeutic partnership with your patient.

Improve Understanding

Improve patient understanding and commitment to specific and challenging exercise. Learn how to give feedback that helps patients perform exercises correctly and helps them feel good about their successes instead of shame for their failures.

Address the Needs of Wheelchair bound or Lower Level Patients

Learn how to use our Level 2 evaluation tool. It works great with lower level patients.

Take home Tips, Remedies & Marketing

Real-life tips will help you remember every part of The AFIT process, including which exercises to recommend. How-to guides make learning and application easy.

Marketing Pieces

You’ll also receive POWERPOINT marketing pieces tested by Dr. Lewis that have been shown to create connections with physicians and community groups. You’ll be able to easily market The AFIT to these groups so they refer or sign up for AFIT testing.

Motivation & Resistance Methods

Dr. Laflin will walk you through the evidence based Motivational Interviewing approach to provide the best client-therapist relationship and rehab outcomes using video examples.

Real-Life Clients

See real-life clients describe what they’re looking for in a session to help them stay motivated and interested.

Increase client self-efficacy

Learn concrete ways to increase post-rehab exercise adherence. Best ways to explain the “why” and much more..

Reflective Listening

Learn how to talk with clients about their AFIT results and how to make improvements. See how reflective listening can help your clients feel respected and supported, especially those who are ambivalent about making changes.

Who Will Get the Most Out of This Course?

Want to learn more?

$994.00 value

Limited Time Offer – $595.00

Earn 20 contact hrs of CE Credits – Included in the Price