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Improving Mobility in Older Persons with Functional Assessment and Treatment

Home Study Description:

Cost: $295.00 ($285 plus $10 S&H) – 20 Contact Hours

Improving mobility in the older person is designed for the rehabilitation specialist who has focused their career on treating the growing geriatric population. The goal of this course is to assist the therapist in using structured methods of examining the tasks of functional mobility, breaking down the components of movement, and implementing the appropriate treatment where the specific patient deficits are noted. The information for completing the examination is broken down into sections specific to improving mobility of the older person. Each section is part of a continuum to assist in designing a systematic approach to rehabilitation. In addition there are functional testing tools provided to allow for standardized diagnostic measures to implement into your evaluation. These testing tools provide information regarding the patient’s safety and level of function, and allow you to monitor the patients’ progress. There are various tools, each of each appropriate for one of multiple patient populations. It is our hope that after completion of this course you will be able to appropriately evaluate the limitations in function of the older adult and design an implement the most beneficial treatments. You will also have the tools to monitor your patient’s progress by using functional and valid tools of measurement.

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Course Objectives

  1. Describe the mobility spectrum as it applies to functional mobility
  2. Identify the components necessary to successfully train bed mobility, transfers, gait, and balance
  3. List the implications of common medication on functional training
  4. Construct an appropriate sensory environment for rehabilitatiing the geriatric patient
  5. Discuss the Berg Balance Test, the Physical Performance Test, the Timed Get up and Go, the Multi-Directional Reach test, the Tinetti Gait and Balance, and the 2 and 6 Minute Walk Test, and Four Square Step Test, and the Performance Oriented Mobility Scale
  6. Implement, perform, score, and set goals for the aforementioned tests