Functional Tool I Box 

Table of contents



How to use these tools

A. Orthopedics
    1. Knee
        a. Visual
        b. Lysholm
        c. Functional Knee Evaluation
    2. Hip
        a. Harris Hip Score
    3. Low-Back
        b.Roland and Morris
        a.Disability Index
    5. Shoulder
        a. Wolfgang's Criteria
    6. Wrist
        a.Demerit Colles' Fractures
        b.Carpal Tunnel
    7. Hand 
        a.Jebsen Test of Hand Function
    8. Arthritis
        a. MACTAR 
        a. WOMAC
B. Stroke 
    1..Motor Assessment Scale
    2.Fugl-Meyer Assessment
    3.Rivermead ADL
C. Gait 
    1. ELGAM
    2. Tinetti Assessment Form
    3. Gait Assessment Rating Sheet
    4. Functional Ambulation Profile
    1.Get up and Go
    2. Berg Balance
    3. Postural Dyscontrol Evaluation
    4. Tinetti Assessment Form (see gait)
    5. Gait Assessment Rating Sheet (see gait)
E. Psychosocial
    1. Dementia
        a. SAILS     
        b. Mini-Mental State Exam
        c. Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire
F. Depression
    1. Zung Depression Scale
    2. Life Satisfaction Index K
    3. Geriatric Depression Scale
G. Pain
    1. Pairs
    2. McGill-Melzack Short Form
    3. Pain Disability Index
    4. Functional Interference Estimate
    5. Functional Assessment Screening Questionnaire
H. Outpatient High-Level
    1. Dartmouth COOP
    2. Medical Outcomes Survey
    3. Health Status Questionnaire
I. Geriatric Outpatient
    1. Geriatric Functional Rating Scale
    2. Functional Status Index
    3. Functional Status Questionnaire
    4. Self-Report Questionnaire
    5. Physical Performance Test
J. Hospital/Rehabilitation
    1. Functional Independence Measure
    2. PULSES
    3. LORS-II
    4. Barthel Index
    5. Geriatric Functional Rating Scale (see geriatric outpatient)
K. Pressure Sores
    1. Jensen Pressure Sore Status Tool
    2. Braden Scale 
    3. Modified Norton Scale
L. Posture 
    1. Reedco Posture Score Sheet
M. Special Neurological Measures
    1. Severity of Tremor
    2. Dizziness Handicap Inventory
    3. Vestibular System Evaluation & Training